WexFour - John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Billy Roche and Colm Tóibín, edited by Ben Barnes
Wexfour: John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Billy Roche, Colm Toibin


KINDLE ISBN:  978-0-9931443-5-6  / €6.99 / Pub date:  2nd June 2016

WexFour – four plays by four Wexford writers – is a unique publication originating in work commissioned especially for the commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Wexford Arts Centre – Ireland’s oldest arts venue of its kind.

John BanvilleEoin Colfer, Billy Roche and Colm Tóibín share one thing in common: their Wexford origins.  While these four plays are each quite distinct in tone, overall they manage to deliver the humour and earthiness that characterise the Wexford psyche. John Banville’s high pastiche romp, Prince Charming and the Dame, is set in the dressing room of a provincial theatre and Eoin Colfer’s darkly hilarious monologue, My Real Life, presents a man dictating his own eulogy to his iPhone. In Billy Roche’s play The Dog and Bone, a woman reflects on a life torn by regret and misguided passions. The closing piece, “Erosion,” by Colm Tóibín, is a lyrical study of isolation and loneliness. 

Ben Barnes describes the collection as, “short works illuminated by skilful writing’ where ‘all traverse the familiar territory of loneliness and loss; of spirited humour in the face of diversity; of a battered but still resilient hope for, and belief in, a better future.”   

This new edition was officially given an “eLaunch” following a special staged performance of the WexFour plays at The Irish Cultural Centre in Paris on 2nd June, 2016 in the presence of authors Billy Roche and John Banville and editor, Ben Barnes – for more see our news post.

Meanwhile, WexFour is now available in Kindle edition from all Amazon sites, and soon to be available internationally from all other good eBook online sales platforms.

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The original paperback edition of this book is from Carysfort Press, Dublin.