Author Mary O'Donnell

Author Mary O’Donnell

The Light-Makers is Irish author Mary O’Donnell’s best-selling debut, widely acclaimed and the novel to launch her to a career that has produced four novels, two short story collections and seven collections of poetry.  451 Editions will make available a timely second edition this summer, twenty-five years since it was penned.

On a solitary walkabout around Dublin one summer afternoon, Hanna Troy reviews her life, career choices and family relationships.  What emerges is a portrait of a complex woman, with grievous faults and quite angelic virtues. Hanna’s self-told story is often shocking, sometimes maddening but always engrossing, and told with rare frankness and great beauty.

The title was first published in 1992 by Poolbeg Press, and 451 Editions will be making available a new paperback edition and an electronic edition.   Check back soon for more details.