“Writer’s Block” with John Dillon, in THE GLOSS

In one of Ireland’s most popular literary blogs, Writer’s Block, Sophie Grenham gives the low-down on The Scent of Eucalyptus by John Dillon, describing it as, “a gem of a book” and “a delectable coming-of-age story that’s thematically reminiscent of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited”.

The author gives readers a little background information about himself, his illustrious family (his great-grandfather was John Blake Dillon, of The Young Irelanders movement), and describes his love of books and his writing practices.  A excellent, seven-minute read, click here  or on the image on the left to read the full text.

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Ferdia MacAnna’s “Cartoon City”, 2020

For a classic urban sass novel, cult hit Cartoon City by Ferdia MacAnna is hard to beat, with its wild cast of misfits, rebels and Dublin denizens.

Anti-hero Myles seeks an out from his journo work. When he falls for the redoubtable Mia, however, he is drawn into the heart of Dublin’s underworld with some alarming – and hilarious – consequences.

Ferdia MacAnna’s career has brought him from comic writing to memoir, literary fiction and film direction.  This is his third novel, originally published by Headline in 2000, that romps through a comic tale of crime, passion and surreal humour at breakneck pace. With an eye for characterisation and a flair for Dublinese, it pogos  along like Flann O’Brien with rock’n’roll.

The second edition of Cartoon City will be published in time for its twentieth anniversary – expected to crash land on bookshop shelves, online and in electronic format in 2020.

Watch this space.

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