It’s a bright New Moon outside, and while the first step in a new venture is always the hardest, we’re hoping it’ll bring us luck.  t  451 has long been in the pipeline, but with the confirmation of three new titles to be published this year, here’s our first post from the ethernet – to announce our work with three very different authors:

Val Mulkerns, a renowned Irish author who started her career in 1952 as a debut novelist, and who worked as an Editor in The Bell with Seán O’Faoláin and Peadar O’Donnell.  Memory and Desire is a work that gathers the best of her short fiction, and brings us in time from 1916 through to the 1980s, in which, as the London Times wrote:  “one of the most potent presences is Ireland herself”.  A first edition will be available in paperback and eFormat in May, 2016.

Martin Malone is an award-winning novelist and dramatist whose recently-published Black Rose Days now adds literary crime fiction to his list of six novels, two short story collections and dramas.  After Kafra is a tough, coming home story of a traumatised young soldier first published in 2001 that sets his work firmly into the new post-conflict literature genre.  The second edition of this novel will be available in paperback and eFormats in July.

New York author Joan Hawkins was a law student and quiet rebel in the 1960s:  she observed the changes in her world, from its silver-spoon power-brokers to the student avant garde of the West Village and the university campuses.   Underwater is a splendid, extraordinary trip through that world, giving one woman’s journey in a time of social change.  We present the electronic edition, to be available late Spring.