Ferdia Mac Anna Facebook Interview 22 Oct

This evening at 7pm, on the author’s Facebook page, tune in for an interview with Ferdia Mac Anna by Kildare Arts Officer Lucina Russell:

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NEXT UP:  the long-awaited, much anticipated 20th Anniversary Edition of Ferdia Mac Anna’s kickass crime romp, CARTOON CITY.

Set two decades ago in rave culture Dublin, it’s got thrills galore as anti-hero Myles falls for charismatic redhead, Mia.  She’s an artist who paints giant penises, and has a soft spot for Bellinis (only in Venice). Determined to murder her father, she hires Myles to do it.  This may not be her greatest life choice, but it makes for a great plot.  Need we mention a case full of unmarked bills, a bloodthirsty Leprechaun, and a naked man in a Howth Head convent?

It’s got sass.  It’s funny.  It’s a really great read.  It’s available in ten days time!

In fact, it’s all here and you won’t want to miss it. Singer-Songwriter Joe Jackson croons:  “Mac Anna has three things that don’t always go together: a brain, a heart, and a sense of humour.”

Author June Caldwell describes it as:  “One of the funniest books I’ve read that will make you cringe and howl and pine for all those tiny eccentricities we lost when the Celtic Tiger rocked in and ruined it all.”

You’ll thrill to the spectacular launch of this book – time and place to be announced (translation:  ZOOM meeting codes pending).  You’ll absolutely want it for all your friends this Christmas.  Pass the word on and watch this space for further details!

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“Writer’s Block” with John Dillon, in THE GLOSS

In one of Ireland’s most popular literary blogs, Writer’s Block, Sophie Grenham gives the low-down on The Scent of Eucalyptus by John Dillon, describing it as, “a gem of a book” and “a delectable coming-of-age story that’s thematically reminiscent of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited”.

The author gives readers a little background information about himself, his illustrious family (his great-grandfather was John Blake Dillon, of The Young Irelanders movement), and describes his love of books and his writing practices.  A excellent, seven-minute read, click here  or on the image on the left to read the full text.

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