ISBN 978-1-9999075-0-1  / 246 pages / €12.95

Big boys don’t cry. And soldiers who return from war are expected to slot back into the old routines of home and work without complaint. Yet since his return from Lebanon, UN Peacekeeper Sergeant Harry Kyle finds himself on the edge of emotional turmoil daily, haunted by an atrocity in a remote village. Struggling to chase away demons that his wife and children can’t even imagine, alcohol numbs the horror, but chips away at his self esteem and his health.  His wife is no longer there for him and at every turn he finds ugliness and a lack of purpose that begins to destroy him. 

Martin Malone’s second novel After Kafra places a focus on the Irish peacekeeping experience, and explores how deeply war affects any individual who has witnessed it. First published in 2001, it remains a timely book that joins the classics of post-conflict literature.  This second edition was published in June 2018, coinciding with the 60th Anniversary of the Irish Defense Forces’ first posting in the Middle East.               

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