451 Editions is an independent publishing collective sprung from the flames of the digital publishing revolution.

451 Editions provides a forum for writers to publish new editions of their work, or to publish select new work, availing of both traditional and digital methods. In this way, the books may always be available to the broadest readership possible.

The name originates with one of the greatest books about books: Fahrenheit 451, and takes inspiration from Ray Bradbury’s seminal characters seeking to safeguard the printed volume and make books available, whatever their format.

Since our founding in 2016 we are slowly gaining momentum and 2017 was an exciting year, with Mary O’Donnell’s The Light Makers published in July and Friends with the Enemy, a memoir by Val Mulkerns, launched on 13 December in time for Christmas 2017. Sadly, in Spring 2018 Val Mulkerns passed away, but her memoirs are now available in bookshops around Ireland.  June 2018 sees the launch of the second edition of Martin Malone’s After Kafra and following on in September, of Ferdia MacAnna’s Cartoon City.  Please check soon again for more updates, and see our blog.

New Publishing with 451 Editions

Titles:  After Kafra by Martin Malone;  Friends With The Enemy and  Memory and Desire  by Val Mulkerns;  The Light-Makers by Mary O’Donnell;  the e-Edition of WexFour with John Banville, Eoin Colfer, Billy Roche and Colm Tóibín and this Autumn 2018, look out for the second edition of Cartoon City by Ferdia MacAnna.